Recent Trip to Vancouver BC

It’s been a month since our trip to Vancouver. Two years ago we visited this magnificent city but unfortunate circumstances with the health of my mother cut this trip short. Since then I always wanted to return and explore the city and finally it happened. Our hotel was walking distance from English Bay where the sunsets are stunning and there is a long trail that takes you around Stanley Park. When we arrived I started sketching right away and that evening I sketched the view of English Bay from Sand Beach.


That evening as it was beautiful and warm we decided to walk all the way to Coal Harbor and had dinner at this fantastic restaurant looking at the waterfront and the mountains in the distance.



Coal Harbor










After dinner we walked to Canada Place and wondered around for awhile until it became to late and cold to walk back to the hotel. We took a cab with an unusual driver who had a picture with two guns, seriously! and drove intoxicated with rage. To tell you the truth after that experience we decided to walk everywhere. The following day the weather was significantly colder that the arrival day. It was cloudy but not rainy therefore we decided to explore the city all day.



Robson Square

Our first stop was Robson Square. The Vancouver Art Gallery is next to it and there was a protest happening as well. Later we resumed our walk and we came across the most fascinating book store I’ve ever been to. Its name is MacLeod’s Books. This place is a heaven for those who collect strange and out of print books. The hallways from beginning to end had stacks and stacks of books in piles and to my amazement the place even has a basement and guess what, it is also full of BOOKS! While exploring the place I didn’t dare taking a picture as there is a sign stating no photos. So I decided to make a very quick sketch just to memorialize the moment.


MacLeod’s BOOKS













As we continued our walk thru the city we came across The Holy Rosary Cathedral. I love cathedrals and I wish I knew how to draw well enough to record their beauty. As we entered we saw stain glass windows. The altar was made of wood and golden accents, maybe gold?  It was painted blue like a clear sky. There was people praying as well as tourists taking pictures or simply taking its beauty all in. I did my best to record this time and place.



The Holy Rosary

After we left this beautiful place it was cold and it was time for a cup of coffee! We found this café and took a break for a little while.



Waves Coffee

During our last full day in town I wanted to make sure we went to Granville Island. Grandville is a tiny island full of shops and art galleries. It is a heaven for artist and those who enjoy different mediums. I came across an art store that carried everything under the sun. Off course it was time to shop for art supplies! While we were there we had coffee and pastries and we enjoyed taking the boat ride back to the hotel.



View from Granville Island












Off the Tracks Café



View of English Bay from Granville Island










And our last morning came. Our plan was to check out and leave as quickly as possible since the drive was long but I could not leave without sketching the restaurant where we had breakfast for three days. Good food, good service and beautiful arquitecture.


Restaurant at Best Western Sands Plus Hotel

At the end of this trip I was able to complete an accordion sketchbook front and back and to tell you the truth I was so proud of my accomplishment!


Until next time and Happy Sketching!
















About D. Abreu

I am a psychotherapist by profession but felt in love with the arts, watercolor painting and Urban Sketching. With no formal background or education in fine arts I decided to teach myself using any resources I could find and this is my journey.
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2 Responses to Recent Trip to Vancouver BC

  1. redharparts says:

    Sounds like a wonderful trip. I do like Vancouver! Your sketch diary of the visit is wonderful and will keep the memories alive.

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