The Foss Waterway Seaport!

How could I have forgotten? Three weeks ago Urban Sketchers Tacoma had a wonderful sketch out at the Foss Waterway Seaport in Tacoma. This place is a fantastic museum that shares the maritime history of the Puget Sound area. It is very educational and I learned so much. They have beautiful models of historic ships (very large in size) as well as an in-depth review of all aspects of the maritime way of life. It is an amazing place to visit and this is one more reason to love USK. It gives you an opportunity to explore the city you live or work and helps you discover what has been in front of you all along. This museum offers educational workshops, you can rent the place for activities such as weddings or you can simply explore every corner of it and have fun. This time there was an art exhibit from a local elementary school. The theme was how trash affects our oceans and the Puget Sound. All pieces were made of trash collected from the Puget Sound and then turned into beautiful pieces such as a whale or an octopus. Summing this up, this is what I was able to sketch that day.


This is the entrance of the museum. It is beautiful! The whole front is glass which allows you to be connected with the area and illuminates this large space.


As the theme is the ocean, you can find HUGE décor resembling ocean life like these two gigantic Jelly Fishes right a the entrance of the museum.


If you step outside to the right of the building you will face this beautiful view of the Marina and one of the bridges of downtown Tacoma and beyond.


And finally to the front of the building if you exit and look to the left this will be the view you will face. The Tacoma clock tower and other stunning architecture that I really don’t do justice to in this sketch. 🙂








If you are from the local area and you feel inclined to explore this great hidden jewel this is their website.


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About D. Abreu

I am a psychotherapist by profession but felt in love with the arts, watercolor painting and Urban Sketching. With no formal background or education in fine arts I decided to teach myself using any resources I could find and this is my journey.
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