Urban Sketchers Tacoma Library Exhibition!

It is here, the Library Exhibition at the Tacoma Public Library in Tacoma, WA. I am very excited to see 26 different artist sharing their passion in over 80 pieces of work. Sharing the world one drawing at a time! This is what Urban Sketching is all about, you are passionate about the work, you are sharing and recording the world around you and you share it with others. It is not about competition or about who is a professional artist. You don’t need to be known in the artist community because hey, who am I right? it is about sharing, it is about community and relationships. Urban Sketching is a movement that goes beyond simply drawing. Thru my eyes, it is a legacy so that future generations can see a snapshot of the world we live today. Urban Sketching is important and I would love to encourage others to do it as well because it is more that just drawing or marking lines on a sheet of paper. Not too long ago I came across this quote from Thomas Thorspeken. He is an Urban Sketcher from Orlando, FL and it says “A sketchbook isn’t just a place to visually catalog the world around you; it is a tool to learn about the community in which you live.” And I would add, and to share your community with the world.

The following are the four sketches I contributed to the exhibition. Two of them are from the University of WA sketcher venue last month and the other two are some of the local restaurants in the area. One is Sushi and the other is called Flipping out!


During the morning time we all got together to sketch either inside the library or in the local area and this is the sketch I produced. It was incredibly challenging and intimidating because the dome in this room is so beautiful and complex. A joy for an architect to sketch! The only detail is that I am not an architect 🙂 For me I had to battle my fear of thinking of what the outcome of this drawing was going to be and focus once again on the fun of it all.


The West Coast Sketch Crawl is coming soon and I cannot wait to be there sketching and meeting sketchers from the West Coast including British Columbia. Stay tune!


About D. Abreu

I am a psychotherapist by profession but felt in love with the arts, watercolor painting and Urban Sketching. With no formal background or education in fine arts I decided to teach myself using any resources I could find and this is my journey.
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