The Sketching of Human Suffering

On Thursday I went out for a quick lunch hoping to find a sketching opportunity since the week was so intense that I had not been able to sketch at all. When I arrived to my car I encountered this scene of a woman with her two children in the corner of the street mall entrance. She had a sign asking for money to pay the rent since she had lost her job.

She had two young daughters that were between the ages of three and five more or less. They appeared oblivious to their current situation or what the purpose of staying in this corner for many hours was. At times they were playing, other times just talking to each other protecting themselves from the raging sun under this huge tree. Cars went by and very few barely looked at her.

I sat there sketching as I thought about this woman’s situation and many others nowadays. Entire families are homeless and living in their cars moving from Walmart to Walmart is the order of the day seems like and there is not enough affordable housing available. I reminded myself of all my blessings and how grateful I am to have a place to go every night but also it brought the self-awareness that today I may have but tomorrow I are not sure.


Kinds regards,


About D. Abreu

I am a psychotherapist by profession but felt in love with the arts, watercolor painting and Urban Sketching. With no formal background or education in fine arts I decided to teach myself using any resources I could find and this is my journey.
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