Busy weeks, not much Art…

The last few weeks have been a challenge for me in order to go out an sketch some. The weather has been cold and rainy and the work very demanding but last week I was able to take some time off and use some of that time for sketching plus I had a nice outing with my fellow Urban Sketchers. The first outing was at the Korum Nissan in Puyallup. My car needed a service that ended up being 6 hours long and as I did not have any other mode of transportation I used my time and completed two sketches.

On Saturday USk Tacoma met at the Dolce Si Sicilian Bakery and Café. Fabulous place and as they state in their web page they have “Cakes and Pies like none you’ve ever seen in Tacoma.” My, My…   They are fantastic, the employees are great and from Sicily off course and the ambiance relaxing and fun. That particular day they were celebrating a Sicilian Festival and the place was crowded with Italians speaking their tongue and the ambiance was so festive. I smile just remembering the experience. If you live in the Tacoma area I extremely recommend the place, it is worth the trip. While sketching the place was so crowded and people came and went so fast that I decided to just play with people’s silhouettes as you will see.



Nissan Korum Puyallup



Another soul waiting for six hours 😦



Dolce Si Sicilian Bakery and Café

See you next time and Happy Sketching!





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A Day at the Pantages Theater

A week ago I met USK Tacoma at the Pantages Theater in Tacoma. We had torrential rain but despite that over 30 people showed up. This is a beautiful place but also so overwhelming to sketch. I sat down in the right side middle section of the theater, overlooking at the left side wall. There is so much detail to admire that I did not know where to begin. This is my sketch…


See you next time and Happy Sketching!


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Getting to Know my Brand New Sailor DE Brush Stroke Style Calligraphy Pen

Wow, what a long name this pen has! Because there is a large variety of Sailor’s pens and this is quite unique. In my journey of experimentations with fountain pens I kept hearing that this pen was fantastic for sketching as it has a bended tip that gives you the freedom to sketch making very thin lines and transition into thicker lines. Last year I had bought one that unfortunately I ruined as I didn’t know the dos and don’ts of fountain pen handling. By know I am very happy to have a bit of knowledge in the matter thanks to my fellow urban sketchers (just a little tiny bit of knowledge mind you) and I did not ruin the pen this time by using China Ink (please never do that!). I am using Platinum Carbon Ink and that works fabulously.

This type of pen is made with a 55 degree nib and a 40 degree nib. I chose the 55 degree nib to start and later I may want to experiment with the 40 degree nib to see the difference in lines. I off course will keep you posted. This pen I have is green in color, is made of plastic, is light and easy to handle. I tried it on Friday during a quick lunch sketch and I was able to move the nib in ways that produced lines with different degrees of thickness and I enjoyed how my trees turned out. As follows I will show you a series of pictures describing the process of filling the pen with ink using a converter (this was a learning process for me) and then the sketch I did Friday using the Sailor pen along with another sketch I did before with a Micron 005 so you can compare.

Above you can see the pen and converter as it came in as well as out of the packaging along with the instructions on how to use the converter.



Above you can see that I pushed the converter inside the pen once I broke the pen apart, I twisted the converter cap clockwise until I was able to see the length of the tube through the converter and placed the pen’s nib inside the ink bottle and began to twist the converter’s cap counterclockwise to fill the converter with ink. Once that was completed I assembled the pen back together and I was ready to test it.

Above you can see that I began playing with thin and thick lines as well as thick and thin lines in one same stroke simply moving the tip of the nib. Really nice and easy to handle. Now I can see how so many Urban Sketchers love this pen. Below I will show you two sketches I did during my lunch “sketchcapades.” The first one was done with a Micron oo5 and the one below was done with the Sailor pen.



Metropolitan District Park of Tacoma




Titlow Part University Place area in Tacoma

I hope this was informative and I will be back with more sketching!

Happy Sketching you all,






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It was a cold day!

A week ago it was the month Tacoma Urban Sketchers outing. It was a very cold day and we met at a local restaurant for the meet and greet. A lot of my fellow sketchers decided to stay indoors (wise) and sketch the lively and warm atmosphere of the restaurant and others like me decided to go out and brave the cold weather. There is a mansion in downtown Puyallup that I have always wanted to sketch and visit. I was so close to it that I thought that this was my great opportunity to visit the place and sketch it maybe indoors. Unfortunately I was out of luck because it will not open until the month of March. The mansion is called The Meeker Mansion and if you would like to explore more in depth about this amazing place please visit their website @ www.meekermansion.org . The mansion is indeed beautiful from the outside, the architecture is exquisite and I can’t wait to be able to visit it once again and taking a tour. Even though it was closed that did not deter me from sketching it! Oh my it was 30 degrees and with the strength of my soul I pulled my little chair and began to draw. I immersed myself in the process and time went on to the point that I forgot the cold and that my ink was not even flowing right. I guess I reached my flow 🙂 and this is the outcome …


Until next time and Happy Sketching,



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As We Transition to a New Year

I began this journey after my parents died. A way to heal the wounds maybe, a way to process my grief and loss, or a way to say goodbye. It was not planned, it just happened. When I was a child my mother always managed to get me watercolors and that is what I went back to, and every time I picked up my watercolors, I smiled and remembered her kindness and how special she was. That brings me peace and happiness and I remember that the people who leave us actually never leave, they are always there, watching, supporting and loving. That brought me to the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017.

Last year was an interesting one. I continued my adventure with art and discovered Urban Sketchers. I got hooked! I decided to share with all of you these adventures as well as my growing pains thru this blog and even blogging became another adventure. I have continued to fall in love with sketching the world around me as well as drawing and painting every time I can. I became a very active member of Urban Sketchers Tacoma volunteering as much as possible, organizing the blogging commitments, blogging and helping with the art shows which in fact we have two coming up in a week. I have fallen in love with art and every time I draw I feel my heartbeat raising fast as I have just found a first love. I do also find a space of peace and stillness that is very difficult to describe, I find happiness.

As I start the New Year I hope to continue drawing, painting and Urban Sketching. I plan to continue being an active member of Urban Sketchers Tacoma and we are already planning our participation in the next West Coast Sketch Crawl in Vancouver BC in August. This new year I will continue to paint and learn more about myself while drawing and sketching as I continue to share my world with all of you.

These are some of my sketches that brought the year 2016 to an end!



Tacoma Community College in Tacoma, WA



Thai Rest. Golden Teals in Tacoma WA



Barns and Nobles Newsstand in Lakewood, WA



One of a couple of pieces I did while at home (not an urban sketch). This is a view of Vancouver Downtown In BC during our last trip this past summer.



Painted from a picture (not an urban sketch), this is a view of the ocean and fisherman’s in Bali painted with watercolors from a picture taken by a coworker who was there last year. As I know she loves Bali I wanted to exchange paintings with her and decided to make this one for her.

Until next time and Happy Sketching,








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A plane in disguise!

A couple of weeks ago USk Tacoma met at this wonderful furniture in Sumner, WA. I remember that I visited The Old Cannery Furniture Warehouse probably 17 years ago and I loved it the first time I laid eyes in it but never returned until now. Inside it was very festive as it is Christmas time and Santa was on his way there to greet a long line a little ones with their parents in order to take their Santa pictures. I loved the magnificent train traveling al around the ceiling. The furniture its spectacular.

I took my time browsing the different departments before settling in to start drawing. I walked and walked trying to find something out of so many subjects I could draw but nothing would call my name until that moment that I looked up and guess what? There it was, a plane disguising in plain sight! It was very challenging to draw  with all its lines and shapes. Drawing planes takes a lot of practices and this is the very first one I have ever drew. Totally out of my league I can say but I always welcome a good challenge. 🙂  This is the result.


Until next time and Happy Sketching,


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A 20 Minute Sketch! 

It’s been one week since I sketched last. Way too long.  One thing I have noticed since I began sketching is that the more you do it,  the more you Need to do it. It’s like chocolate.  Have you ever needed a piece of chocolate really bad? That is the feeling I get when I need some sketching time. It’s like a craving that won’t pass until it’s satisfied.  Today was one of those days.  Actually,  the last few days have felt like this.  Sketching grounds me,  relaxes me,  helps me focus and is a form of mindfulness to me. Even if I only do it for 20 minutes it still helps.  It’s like a power nap!  At the end I feel energized and ready to go back to work. This is the outcome from my 20 Minute Sketch! 

After grabbing a bite at my favorite Mexican restaurant I parked across the street and from the car I sketched the Science Building at the Tacoma Community College in University Place, Washington.  I love the architecture in this building and this community college has a few new buildings like this.  

Until next time and Happy Sketching! 


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